Tom Postma Design and Hemmerle winner of Red Dot for High Design Quality

Tom Postma Design and Hemmerle are awarded in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 for High Design Quality for the Hemmerle exhibition-stand at TEFAF Maastricht!

Tom Postma Design and world-renowned jewellery house Hemmerle are delighted to be the recipients of a Red Dot for High Design Quality, for the Hemmerle exhibition-stand previewed earlier this year at TEFAF Maastricht as decided by the well-respected Red Dot jury.

Founder and president of Red Dot, Professor Dr Peter Zec states:
“Tom Postma Design and Hemmerle showed uncompromising competency and considerable courage with their entry. Both of these things are now being rewarded in one of the most important competitions for communication design.”

The Red Dot Award: Communication Design stands for the best international campaigns, marketing strategies and communication solutions, and entries for this prestigious award came from 46 nations. The Red Dot jury, bound by a strict Code of Honour, was comprised of renowned designers, design professors and journalists from 13 countries.

Uniting ambitious design with sophisticated engineering,
Tom Postma and Hemmerle worked together to create an experimental space that compliments the Hemmerle jewellery within by using the power of aesthetic innovation and beauty to engage viewers in unexpected ways. The interlocking architectural structure combines bold form with surprising function.

Composed from 16 individual screens made up of over 3,000 American nutwood rods, each individually crafted and connected to over 17,000 uniquely engineered aluminium rods, the multi-layered screens of the design appear to float and defy the rules of gravity.

This challenging design took over a year to finalize, as Tom Postma explains: “It was a process of constant trial and error. Everything about this design is new, and we had to learn along the way how it was going to materialize as we had envisioned. It required a level of dedication and patience echoed in Hemmerle’s design ethos and craftsmanship, always aimed at the highest level of creative output and quality.”

The aim was to create an environment that would amplify Hemmerle’s design philosophy and drive for innovation, as well as reflect its distinct identity. As with Hemmerle’s jewellery, the design has a carefully considered approach to the use of materials and a focus on attention to detail.

Christian Hemmerle: “We wanted to create a space with a lighter appearance, transparent yet with an inviting and warm atmosphere. Tom Postma and his team have exceeded all our expectations and the result is intriguing not only in terms of design, but also in the outstanding craftsmanship involved. With the use of wood and aluminium, the design fits the Hemmerle aesthetic perfectly.”

 Award ceremony and exhibition
The laureates will be honoured on 4 November 2016 in Berlin where the Red Dot Gala will take place in the Konzerthaus Berlin for the sixth time in succession. Afterwards, the Red Dot prize winners will be celebrated at the Designers’ Night in the E-Werk Berlin. Here, for one night only, the exclusive winners’ exhibition “Design on Stage” will be presented at which Red Dot will also be showing the award-winning Hemmerle and Tom Postma Design project.

The Red Dot Design Award
The origins of the Red Dot Design Award date back to 1955. The now internationally renowned name and brand of the competition were developed by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec in the 1990s. The “Red Dot” has established itself internationally as one of the most coveted seals of quality for good design. In order to be able to properly evaluate the wide range of design projects, the award is sub-divided into three competitions: “Red Dot Award: Product Design”, “Red Dot Award: Communication Design” and “Red Dot Award: Design Concept”, each of which is held once a year. The Red Dot Award documents the most incisive trends around the world in everything from products to communication projects, packaging to design concept and prototypes. The award-winning designs are exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museums.

Red Dot jury 2016:
Angelvuo, Renne (Finland); Lo, Johnason (Taiwan); Prof. de Boer, Michel (The Netherlands); Melichar, Uwe (Germany); Prof. Dr. Breitlauch, Linda (Germany); Renwick, Jackm (Scotland); Bruketa, Davor (Croatia); Prof. Dr. Rezk-Salama, Christofm (Germany); Budiman, Daniel (Germany); Sachtleben, Jörg (Germany); Chanaud, Michel (France); Schaffner, Jean Jacques (Switzerland); Chang, Eric (Taiwan); Schulz, Bettina (Germany); Cheng, Kelley (Singapore); Schrader, Niels (The Netherlands); Claesson, Mårten (Sweden); Vitale Rotta, Sylvia (France); Han, Jiaying (China); Weiss, Peter Philippe (Switzerland); Hirt, Rainer (Germany); Wilker, Jan (USA); Prof. Kung, Shu-Chang (Taiwan); Windfuhr, Holger (Germany); Lee, Chris (Singapore) and Prof. Dr. Yoo, Seung Hun (South Korea).