Rijksmuseum 'Good Hope. South Africa and the Netherlands from 1600'

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: Good Hope. South Africa and the Netherlands from 1600

On 17 February 2017, the Rijksmuseum opened a major historical exhibition about the 400-year relationship between South Africa and the Netherlands. Tom Postma Design was assigned to bring the various eras, stories and objects together in a clear and concise spatial design.

The Good Hope exhibition, taking up all ten top-floor galleries in the Philips Wing, connects various periods and countless stories. The exhibition tells the narrative of the shared history between South Africa and the Netherlands through 300 objects.

The exhibition design Tom Postma Design created in close collaboration with the Rijksmuseum connects all these stories and objects and allows visitors to take in the narrative at different levels – from main line to detail.

Tom Postma: “Our main focus was creating a spatial design that would unite all these different stories while fully servicing the narrative and conceptually reflecting the impact of the arrival of the Dutch on the African continent and the continuous shifting borders within the Cape. At the same time, we wanted to create a design that would allow the Rijksmuseum to elegantly showcase as many as 300 objects.”

By means of a physical steel structure, Tom Postma Design was able to create a design that combines both the conceptual idea of shifting borders and the need for a physical, spatial solution for showcasing all the objects.

The Good Hope exhibition took place from 17 February to 21 May 2017 at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.