Mondriaan Fund 'Prospects & Concepts 2019'

Mondriaan Fund Prospects & Concepts 2019

This February, the Mondriaan Fund presents the seventh edition of the exhibition Prospects & Concepts during the international art fair Art Rotterdam at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

For the sixth year in a row, Tom Postma Design created the spatial design for this group exhibition.

In strong collaboration with curator Macha Roesink, the space envisioned for the 2019 edition of Prospects & Concepts focuses on creating a variety of larger scale spatial typologies that offer the artists a more integrated group display. The visitor's experience is choreographed around a variety of sight lines/view lines. This allows the visitor to approach the works of the 66 artists from near, far, below, or above.

Based on the curatorial framework and inspired by different architectural elements, the exhibition is envisioned as an array of different types of urban plazas.

The newly built walls are integrated in the prominent distribution centre of the iconic Van Nelle Fabriek through a play of scale, texture and openness.

Prospects & Concepts 2019 positions itself as a fresh break for the visitors of Art Rotterdam, working almost as an atmospheric and spatial counter note to the more organized gallery display of the fair.

The exhibition is organised annually by the Mondriaan Fund, not only to boost the visibility of emerging artists, but also to provide artists who received a Stipendium for Emerging Artists in 2017
with a platform for presenting their art and giving them an incentive to start their careers.

Prospects & Concepts can be visited during Art Rotterdam at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 7 until 10 February 2019.