Mondriaan Fund 'Prospects & Concepts 2018'

Mondriaan Fund Prospects & Concepts 2018

In February 2018, the Mondriaan Fund presented the sixth edition of the exhibition Prospects & Concepts during the international art fair Art Rotterdam at the Van Nellefabriek in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

For the fifth year in a row, Tom Postma Design created the spatial design for the group exhibition Prospects & Concepts.

Together with curator Stijn Huijts, artistic director of the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, The Netherlands, Tom Postma Design has created an exhibition inspired by the city and its inherent spatial diversity.

As a counterpoint to the regular, sequential layout of the art fair, the exhibition design proposes a playful disposition of almost 80 individual spaces that are carefully dispersed in the former distribution center of the Van Nellefabriek. The juxtaposition of contrasting spatial typologies, the more “private” spaces of each artist that coagulate around several more open, common areas, enables a nonlinear, lively experience for the visitors.

The exhibition is organised annually by the Mondriaan Fund, not only to boost the visibility of emerging artists, but also to provide artists who received a Stipendium for Emerging Artists in 2016
with a platform for presenting their art and give them an incentive to start their careers.

Prospects & Concepts took place at the Van Nellefabriek in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 8 until 11 February 2018.