AkzoNobel Essential Art Space 2016

AkzoNobel Essential Art Space

The AkzoNobel Art Foundation commissioned Tom Postma Design for the design of the AkzoNobel Essential Art Space in the entrance area of the AkzoNobel Center  in Amsterdam’s Zuidas. The starting point in the design of the AkzoNobel Essential Art Space was to create a clear and flexible exhibition space with its own identity.

Tom Postma Design developed sculptural, flexible walls that define the Art Space without affecting the existing architecture. The design divides the Art Space into different areas so that the exhibition can be built up thematically. By the use of clear sightlines, the art can be viewed from different perspectives from inside and outside. The Art Space is inviting because the areas are easily accessible, distinguished from each other in color and there is ample place to sit.

The opening of the AkzoNobel Essential Art Space took place on 27 January 2016.