AkzoNobel Art Space 2018

AkzoNobel Art Space 2018

Tom Postma Design and the AkzoNobel Art Foundation have again joined forces with the creation of a new spatial design for the exhibition Common Ground that opened on Friday 20 April at The AkzoNobel Art Space in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The AkzoNobel Art Foundation commissioned Tom Postma Design in 2016, to design a flexible and dynamic exhibition space to showcase their collection of international contemporary art. The AkzoNobel Art Space soon became a destination and international meeting place for AkzoNobel employees, customers and art lovers.

The concept behind the design for the 2018 exhibition Common Ground was to create an open exhibition that feels like a museum, with open view lines but maintaining the spatial cohesion of the different areas. With that in mind we designed a series of convex spaces, interconnected with each other like cells in a structure, that integrate well with the building.

The result is a spatial arrangement where visitors can feel part of the space within, even when observing from a distance. Every angle of the spatial composition is a main façade, providing valuable experience from each viewpoint. The view can travel across the exhibition from one corner to the other, revealing interesting connections between the works of art, while providing a sense of lightness and ease of movement.