TEFAF 2017

TEFAF 2017

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In celebration of the 30th edition of the fair, the general TEFAF Maastricht architect Tom Postma Design, also responsible for the design of many of the fair’s booths, created a special design for TEFAF Curated, Special Exhibition, a new flower object, two renewed restaurants and a revamped Sushi Bar.

The third edition of TEFAF Curated La Grande Horizontale, curated by Penelope Curtis, director of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon hosts a selected group of galleries, each exhibiting works by contemporary artists on the theme of the reclining or recumbent figure.

This year’s Special Exhibition is hosted by Rome’s own Galleria Borghese, one of the world’s most renowned Italian museums.

Tom Postma Design also created a grand and sculptural flower object to adorn the entrance. The spectacular sculptural object consists of 2,052 wires individually connecting 4,104 flowers.

Our new design for the à la carte Restaurant is inspired by the new graphic design of TEFAF and the redesigned Brasserie with its tree silhouettes and real trees exudes a fresh and natural vibe.

This year, the different sections at TEFAF, like ‘Modern’ and ‘Works on Paper’, are each defined by their own signature colour in the 2017 carpet design. The distinct architectural lines and range of colours used in our spatial design concept add to the fair’s modern and sophisticated atmosphere.

The execution of our spatial design for TEFAF 2017 was realised in close collaboration with Stabilo International and Ten Kate flowers & decorations.

TEFAF Maastricht took place from 10 - 19 March 2017.


* video courtesy of TEFAF/RGB Media