TEFAF 2015

TEFAF 2015

TEFAF Maastricht is one of the world’s leading art fairs. It is a constantly evolving showcase for the best works of art on the market. In addition to the traditional areas of old master paintings and antique works of art, TEFAF also presents a wide variety of classical modern and contemporary art, as well as jewellery, twentieth century design and works on paper.

For 2015, Tom Postma Design designed a new entrance, TEFAF Night Fishing (a contemporary sculpture-exhibition), Special Exhibition for Teylers Museum, overall floor plan and catering areas such as restaurant Verdi and various bar concepts.

In the past three years monumental sculptures formed the heart of the entrance which directed the space around it. This year TEFAF decided to put the architecture center stage. The metaphor “Palace of the Arts” was the starting point for the design by Tom Postma Design. The outside of a palace became the inside of the entrance, consisting of a succession of gestures; first welcoming the visitor, next pointing to the grandeur of the center and then leading the visitor on to the show floor. 

The massive walls enveloping this ”palace” are dematerialized in many layers of translucent cloth. This transparent volume creates the canvas for a special play of light. The light-design is developed in co-operation with Pieter Huijgen, head of the lighting department at the Dutch National Opera.

And of course an abundance of flowers, a trademark of TEFAF, is again a key-element in creating a warm welcome.