Art Basel in Hong Kong 2017

Art Basel in Hong Kong 2017

In only five years’ time the Art Basel show in Hong Kong has become a strong, vibrant and lively member of the Art Basel brand. With the latest jubilee edition, the show builds success on success with spectacular crowds and enthusiastic (new) collectors from all over Southeast Asia and beyond.

Tom Postma Design has been the architect and designer of the fair from the very beginning. We develop the overall show floor plan and the routing over three levels – the city plan of an art show, as we phrase it.

Over the years we contributed to positioning the show as a strong brand member with spectacular landscaping design concepts at the show entrance. Resulting from this concept, we designed the look and feel of the show and all the specific areas, like the show welcome gate, all entrances, the different sectors, several cafes and the VIP Lounge.

For this year’s show, Tom Postma Design contributed to the celebration of the 5th anniversary by designing a new entrance area that is based on the known landscaping design concept, but feels much lighter and airy through the use of translucent materials. Furthermore, some sectors, cafes, entrances and furniture have been redesigned as well.

Like each year, we also play an important role in positioning the prominent art pieces in the Encounters sector. By making a 3d digital set-up of all these Encounters pieces in the real show setting, we assist the Art Basel organisation and curator Alexie Glass-Cantor in deciding where these art pieces are placed best.